At this point I'm okay with Mako becoming a cop as long as Bolin ends up as the head of RC's child/family services department. One of the bros has to get involved in running the city (and dammit I want Bolin to get some glory too)

I mean I don’t doubt that Bolin will get a great career it’s just that he’s….16 rn lol he has a long way to go before he even thinks about careers. So idk it might feel like Mako is getting all the ~glory~ for becoming a cop but man, he’s 18/19, that’s the age most people start working and forming the foundations of a career.

IDK I JUST DON’T LIKE THE COMPARISON THAT BOLIN ISN’T DOING ANYTHING like omg my baby he deserves the credit for becoming captain of the fire ferrets that’s going to challenge him he is going to gROW. Not to say that you were comparing them unfairly or anything.

Personally, I can’t see Bolin having anything similar to an office job? Routine doesn’t seem like something he would enjoy, like it would bore him to have to make speeches and convince people to back and fund his ideas. I mean, I see him as being way more hands-on? So I can imagine him getting a job that involves actually constructing orphanages, doing charity work with kids, just something that lets him help and also be around people. Plus, positive reinforcement on an individual level would probably make the job worth it for him, like omg he would be happy just making one kid smile once a day.

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