I know it's been a while but I can see you clear as day [X]




A commission (in chronological order) of Fire Nation men holding babies ;).

1) Iroh + Lu Ten
2) Zuko + “Honora”
3) Iroh + Iroh II
4) Iroh II + future fire nation royal baby

Headcanon: Lu Ten was a nonbender, and was the one who taught Zuko to use broadswords as a way to make him feel better after being shown up by Azula during firebending.

:OOO YES THAT’S ADORABLE and I agree with it 100% how cute

Also just because it would be nice to have a nonbender in the Fire Nation royal family. So much focus is put in Azula and Zuko’s skill but idk then again Lu Ten was a soldier, he was probably pushed just as hard to be as physically capable so…hm. Idk it’s just different and interesting.

Especially to have him be Iroh’s son, since Iroh is so knowledgeable and skilled with bending ahhh hOW CUTE.

And omg big cousin Lu Ten being Zuko’s like BFF and HERO growing up like the sibling he needed ughhh cute so cute dying of cute rn. I bet Lu Ten was just like Iroh before Iroh went on his ~soul searching~ and was ultimately a very good man at heart, just tarnished by the whole mentality of the FN society. Ughh so awesome this family tHIS FAMILY.


could lu ten be a nonbender wait did i miss this this whole time am i some kind of iDIOT


Iroh and Zuko visit Lu Ten by =mayshing

oh my goodness…this is so beautiful but sad but happy…I don’t even know


…but I will never see this..

Because in my head, Lu Ten was always someone to look up to when Zuko was younger..some sort of a role model..And he got incredibly proud everytime Lu Ten praised him.

I wonder how many years these two have in difference. But they both are younger here anyway, a few years before Lu Ten died:C

Also I have a really strong impression I like hurting myself and making myself sad…I wish I could draw this better